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Emmanuel Westbury

Emmanuel Westbury

Join us online or in person 

To join us on a Sunday online, please go to our YouTube channel here.

We’d love you to join us on Sunday in person  –  no need to book a seat, just turn up.  To find out what we are doing to keep people safe click here.

Who are we? 

We are mixture of people of different ages, from different backgrounds, with different stories, but who have become a family because of Jesus and His love for us.

If you have big questions about life and God, you won’t be alone. We want to be a church where people can ask their questions and share their doubts. None of us has it all sorted, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  But we do want to take Jesus seriously and more than anything else we want to grow in our relationship with Him.

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What to expect

We meet together to get to know and love God better. That’s why at the heart of our meetings there is a talk that unpacks a portion of His Word, the Bible, so that by His Spirit He can speak into our lives today.

After the talk there is always the chance to make comments and ask questions.

We sing hymns and songs of praise. There are moments of quiet when someone will lead us in prayer. Sometimes members of the congregation will stand up and tell us about something they are learning about God. You can join in with as much or as little as you like.

As well as getting to know and love God better, we also want to get to know and love each other better.  That’s why we stay on after the final hymn to catch up and care for one another.


Our main meeting gets underway at 4:00 pm and you can slip away or stay on for some refreshments from around 5:15pm.

Children and Young People  

We long for our church to be a genuine family where people of all ages and stages mix together and help one another learn to be godly friends, parents, husbands, wives and colleagues. However, we recognise that some stages of life have particular needs, so the children have their own groups in which they have fun together and learn about Jesus in ways that are appropriate to their age.

  • 0-2 years – Creche
  • 3-4 years – Seeds
  • School years R-1 – Roots
  • School years 2-3 – Shoots
  • School years 4-6 – Fruits
  • School years 7-9 – Pathfinders
  • School years 10-13 – Youth Small Group

When you arrive a team of welcomers will make sure you know where to go.

Everyone who volunteers with children and young people at Emmanuel will have been through our Safer Recruitment process (including DBS checks) and receives regular safeguarding training.


If you’re a student in Bristol, either at Bristol University or UWE, we’d love you to join us. Church is a family, made up of people of all ages, and we would love students to feel part of that wider church family.  But we also recognise that student life brings with it particular challenges that are often best understood by other students.  So at Emmanuel Westbury our students get together in Small Groups (see below for details) after the main Sunday gathering.


After our main meeting we usually stay on for coffee and cakes (and sandwiches for the children). 

Dress code

There is no dress code. Come as you are.

Car parking / transport

On-site parking and bicycle storage is available. There is is also disabled parking close to Redland Hall; from the disabled parking, the hall can be accessed via a smooth walkway up a gentle incline. Further transport information, including public transport, can be found using the Get Directions button above.

Small groups

As well as gathering all together on Sunday afternoon, most of our members meet in smaller groups of 10 or so people.  In these smaller groups there is the chance to dig deeper into the Bible passage that we’re looking at in the main meeting and to help each other to apply what we are learning about God to our lives in the week ahead.

Small groups meet on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings (there are also two daytime groups on Monday and Tuesday mornings) and our hope is that within those small groups we would forge the sort of friendships that would naturally overflow into the rest of the week.

Sign up (by clicking “Share your contact details” ) if you want to receive our weekly emails and join a small group.

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Teaching and talks

Talks recorded at Emmanuel Westbury can be found on our talks page.

Talks at Emmanuel Westbury

The preaching programme and other significant dates can be found on the term card.

Download the term card