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Making Emmanuel home

If you’ve been to an Emmanuel Bristol church a few times and you’d like to make our church your home, please get in touch with your contact details so we can sign you up for church family emails and help get you knitted into church life. Use the button below to go to the contact form.

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New to church?

If you are totally new to church and have all kinds of questions, you won’t be alone. We aim to be a church where people can ask their questions and share their doubts. None of us has it all sorted.

We hope that coming along Sunday by Sunday, listening to the sermons, asking your questions and getting to know others who are perhaps a little further on in the journey will help you to find out more about what it means to know God. On top of that listen out for our regular events and courses for people who are new to Christianity and want the chance to explore the claims of Christ for themselves (for more details contact Jim Walford)

Looking for a spiritual home?

If you are further along the road and are looking for a spiritual home, we reckon that there are three things that help people to start to feel like a member of the Emmanuel church family.

  1. Make meeting together on Sundays a priority – if you only come along once in a while it’s hard to feel part of things.
  2. Join a Small Group – getting involved in church means getting involved with people and it’s hard to know where to start when you are standing in a crowd on a Sunday.
  3. Come to the monthly prayer meeting – that’s where you’ll hear more about what the Lord is doing in and through our life together.