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Summer Series – Grace liberates your failure

Summer Series – Grace Liberates Your Life

August is often a time where the diary suddenly empties as much of the world goes on hold.  Or perhaps you’re new to Emmanuel and would like to meet some people!  Why not come along to watch some talks from Paul David Tripp on the theme of Grace Liberates Your Life?  Paul Trip, an American pastor and biblical counsellor, has much wisdom on living in light of the gospel and has an hilarious moustache!  These talks will help us live fueled by grace.  We’ll watch the videoed talks, have a moment to reflect and pray, then anyone who is up for carrying on the conversation can do in a local pub.  Wednesdays 14th, 21st, 28th August.  8-9pm, Emmanuel Meeting House.  Come for one or more.  No need to sign up, but if you need help getting there or would like to book a parking space please email

Wednesday 14th – Grace liberates your identity

Wednesday 21st – Grace liberates your failure

Wednesday 28th – Grace liberates your relationships