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Hope in Death: An interview with Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy Marshall is the former CEO of the UK’s oldest private bank.  He is married with three children and four years ago he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Jeremy has written a book called “Beyond the Big C” and in the introduction he says that though having incurable cancer seems like a dead end, with Christ there is solid reason for hope. 

On Thursday 12th November at 8pm we’re going to be interviewing Jeremy to find out more about his story and hear why he can live with confidence in the future despite having received such a poor health prognosis.

The interview will be livestreamed on YouTube via this link and you will be able to put your questions to Jeremy using this anonymous Pigeonhole link as we’ve done in similar events before.  We’ll end the evening by offering to send out his book to any of our guests who would like a copy.  

Here’s an electronic flyer to share with your friends.