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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

ECC Weekend Away 2019

The ECC weekend away is an annual highlight of our church family life. This year we’re heading back to the delightful Brunel Manor for the slightly later dates of 8th-10th February.

Together we’ll be thinking about:

Sharing Jesus

We naturally share our love for so many things in life – people, places, music, sports, films, cars, books. So why don’t we as naturally share our love for Jesus? What’s stopping us? How can we help each other by working together to change? The aim of our weekend together is to encourage and equip us all to use the unique gifts, personalities and relationships that God has given us to share the love of Jesus with others.

There will be input from across the church family and time altogether – as well as in our small groups. There will also be plenty of relaxing, eating, sleeping, laughing, walking, sun-bathing, talking, sharing, playing, singing, praying – and more besides.

Any questions? Speak to your Small Group Leader or an Elder.

Do join us –the deadline for signing up is 4th January, but there are limited places, so please sign up soon.

Click here to sign up!