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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.



On 4 Mondays in March, we’re hosting Bristol’s first ‘MTC Lite’.  MTC (Ministry Training Course) is held by the South-West Gospel Partnership on Thursdays weekly, but that’s just not accessible to many people right now.  So, come down to the Emmanuel Meeting House from Monday 9th March, where we’ll be looking at: 

Session 1:  The Story of the King of kings, a Bible overview with Mike Cain (Emmanuel Westbury, Bristol)
Many people find it hard to get excited about the Bible. It seems to be nothing more than a collection of outdated rules and morality tales. You pick it up somewhere in Chronicles and it just doesn’t seem to make any sense.  But you would never do that with a novel.  Once you see the Bible as one book, one beautiful story about Jesus, that changes everything.  So if you have never seen how the whole Bible hangs together come along and be blown away by the story of the King who loves us and who has been unfolding his plan to rescue us and restore us to the life with Him that we were created for.

Session 2:  Honest Struggles, with Paul Mallard (Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath)
Christians love to wear masks. We pretend that we are okay, when we are struggling to follow Jesus faithfully. We suffer because we are human and we suffer because we are followers of a crucified Saviour. In these sessions we will be honest about our struggles with issues like disappointment, depression and suffering. We will also be honest about the sufficiency of God’s grace and the explore some of the blessings that buffetings bring. Where can we find help and how can we be a help to others? Come and find out. 

Mondays 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th March 20207.45-9.45pm. 

7:45 Session 1:  The Story of the King of kings
Tea and Coffee
9:00 Session 2:  Honest Struggles
9:45 End

Location:  The Emmanuel Meeting House, Lewins Mead, BS1 2NN 

Cost: £5 for all 4 sessions to cover costs.  If cost makes you hesitate about coming, please email for a link for a subsidy.
Please use 
this form to book a spot. 

Please note, parking at the Emmanuel Meeting House, being the city centre, is very limited.  Please indicate if you would like a space, though priority will go to those with mobility issues.