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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

We can’t meet together in person in our usual venues, but we can still meet together online. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone to access our YouTube channels and join our gatherings.

Emmanuel Bishopston
Sundays at 10:30am 
Link to join is –

Emmanuel Westbury
Sundays at 4pm
Link to join is-

Emmanuel City Centre
Sundays at 4:30pm
Link to join is-

Top Tips
  • You don’t need a webcam or headset to join in – you’ll just be watching a livestream (live broadcast) and you’ll be invited to join in by writing comments in the comments box if you want to.
  • You may want to visit your church’s channel (see links below) and subscribe in advance. Press the bell icon and you’ll be notified when we go live. Note that you do need to be logged in to YouTube with your Google account in order to be able to subscribe and sign up for notifications. You can sign up for an account free of charge using your existing email address or by creating a new Gmail address. There is no need to have an account to join the livestream on Sunday – all you need do is go to the YouTube channel by clicking the link. An account is needed to subscribe, get notifications and join in with the comments.
  • Remember you can watch YouTube on many TV’s. You may find this a better experience than huddling around a tablet or phone. Just search for your church’s channel on your TV, or cue it up from another device and click the “cast to…” button if you have this feature set up.
  • Please pray that the technology will work and we’ll have an encouraging time together. It’s the first time we’ve tried this and we’re grateful for this new means of gathering where it would otherwise have been difficult.