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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

Jim Walford (Page 3)

Why we may need Proverbs 8 in the future

In Sunday’s sermon we thought about how easy it is to feel marginalized when we let Lady Wisdom be our guide.  This article suggests things could get worse: we’re not far off it being a criminal offence to faithfully teach orthodox Christian doctrine in public.     Camerons extremism orders could criminalise traditional Christian teaching

Declaring God’s Praises

In the sermon on Sunday from 1 Peter we saw that God saves us to “declare [his] praise”. But what does that mean? John Dickson explains: The theme of promoting the gospel looms large in the middle chapters of 1 Peter. In 2:12 the apostle urges believers to live such good lives that their pagan neighbours would end up giving glory to…

Thinking about Church

If you have been with us at Emmanuel Bishopston or Westbury over the last couple of weeks you’ll know we have been using Exodus 19 as our starting point for thinking together about church. In this video Phillip Jensen explains why this passage is so foundational.

Church Building

For two and a bit years the City of Bristol College served as an effective base of operations for Emmanuel Ashley Down. Here’s a photo of the congregation on our final Sunday there.  Jesus says “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18) and you could say this photo is testimony to the way he is fulfilling that promise today. We might have…

Hearing the Spirit

Each letter in Revelation 2-3 ends with the call “to hear what the Spirit says to the churches”.  It’s a bit like a call to sit up and pay attention!  But with all the coming and goings of the summer, the break for Holiday club Sunday, the different preachers we’ve had and the fact that we tend to be less familiar with…

Honouring Singleness

If we are to take Jesus’ words in Matthew 19 seriously, we should do all we can to honour singleness in our church family.But what will that mean in practice?  How do we ensure we don’t privilege marriage above singleness in our life together? This is probably something we need to do some more thinking on together. For the beginning of an…

Do you not know…?

If looking at Isaiah 40 these past two weeks has given you a fresh appetite to grow in your knowledge of God, then get hold of a copy of “Knowing God” by Jim Packer. A chapter from the book (entitled the “Majesty of God”) was the inspiration for this sermon series.  I remember reading it a few years ago and ever since…