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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

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‘Praise is a multi-species activity, expressed in the peregrine falcon’s graceful flight as well as a performance of Handel’s Messiah.‘ Belden C Lane, Ravished by Beauty, p.222.

Relating to God

‘In the Bible we discover a real and complex God. If you have a personal relationship with any real person, you will regularly be confused and infuriated by him or her. So, too, you will be regularly confounded by the God you meet in the Scriptures – as well as amazed and comforted.’  Timothy Keller, Prayer, p.56.

The Pastoral Power of a Cup of Tea

‘Dottie suddenly asked the woman if she would like a cup of tea, and Shelley said, “Oh, wouldn’t that be nice,” and so they sat in the living room, which was really the lounge. Shelly Small didn’t take more than one sip of the tea; that was just a prop, as they would say in…

Link of the Week – Christian Offensive

“If we are to be faithful in this cultural moment, we must be neither retreaters nor attackers, neither (needlessly) defensive nor (faithlessly) aggressive. Instead, we must go on a “gentle offensive.” Here are five things that will help us in proclaiming Christ to those around us. Christian Offensive