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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

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Kindness Defined

‘Kind comes from the same root from which we get the word kin. To be kind, then, is to treat someone like they are family. To possess the virtue of kindness is to be in the habit of treating all people as if they were family.’ Karen Swallow Prior, On Reading Well, p.207.

Link of the Week – A Hello from Unemployment

Unemployment, being made redundant, long term absence from work or just generally having no idea what to do with your life can leave us feeling bereft and like a bit of a failure. Here’s a great article from Heirs Magazine on how, regardless of our job status, we can be confident in our identity in…

Our Permanent Identity in Christ

“Our first and most important spiritual task is to claim that unconditional love of God for ourselves. We have to dare to say ‘Whether I feel it or not, whether I comprehend it or not, I know with a spiritual knowledge that I am God’s beloved child, and nobody can take that divine childhood away…

Link of the Week – The Art of Lent

Sometimes our words fail us. Sometimes art can communicate a message in such a powerful way that we feel our words wouldn’t ever be able to articulate. As we approach Easter, here is a website called The Art of Lent (this is today’s excerpt on the theme of No Greater Love). 40 days worth of art…

The Cross

‘There is no tribunal so magnificent, no throne so stately, no show of triumph so distinguished, no chariot so elevated as is the gibbet on which Christ has subdued death and the devil and trodden them under his feet.’ John Calvin in Michael Green, I Believe in Satan’s Downfall, p.94.