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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.


The Topsy Turvy Incarnation

‘When Quirinius was governor of Syria, in a town called Bethlehem, a child was born who, beyond the power of anyone to account for, was the high and lofty One made low and helpless. The One who inhabits eternity comes to dwell in time. The One whom none can look upon and live is delivered…

The Significant Insignificance of Politics

‘Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations.’ Psalm 145:13 Or, as Eugene Peterson puts it in The Message, ‘You never get voted out of office’… As we come to vote today, let’s be praising God that His kingdom and His governance endures forever. The Significant Insignificance of Politics

Votewise – recording and resources

If you missed Votewise on Monday, here is a recording of the first hour of the evening, and here are the slides that are mentioned.  We haven’t recorded the last past of the evening for the sake of the people who shared their involved with various parties, so when the recording ends without much outro, that’s…

Evangelical Alliance General Election 2019 Briefing

Evangelical Alliance has helpfully put together a page to help us think things through as we prepare to vote. Their election Briefing 2019 offers analysis of party policies on many issues where important Christian principles are at stake and where biblical principles directly apply. It also considers why you should vote, biblical priorities in voting,…


‘The New Testament without the miracles would be far easier to believe. But the trouble is, it would not be worth believing.’ J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism, p.103.

Link of the Week: Psalms of Ascent Devotional

During the election campaign, we will be using some of these Psalms of Ascents to help guide our prayers. As our current political landscape prompts very different reactions in our churches, we can use these Psalms to pray for ourselves, our fellow believers, and for our country. These Psalms will also help us to ​“fix our…

Sunday’s Reflection

Emmanuel City Centre Key verse to learn: The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. Psalm 23:1 (NIV) Key question to ask: What’s sex got to do with singleness? Extraordinary thing to say: “My sexuality helps me grasp God’s love for me!” Sunday: Read Matthew 1:18-25. Pray for Ben Maynard preaching on Christmas to us…