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Link of the Week: Both Worm and Worthy

‘An overemphasis on human worth will make grace expected: Well, of course God sent his Son to save us. We’re so worthy, after all!…An overemphasis on human depravity will make grace powerless: I’m nothing more than a worm and will never amount to anything.’ Both Worm and Worthy (

Link of the Week: bethinking Youth Resources

bethinking resources aim to help you engage with big questions about life and Christianity. Their youth resources are particularly designed to help 14-18 year olds give an answer for their faith at school, to friends and teachers. Find them here: Youth resources – a collection from

Link of the Week: When Life is a Lot to Handle

‘Life can be a lot to handle, and some of that is our own doing. If we idolize productivity, saying yes to every extracurricular activity, fitness program, and business opportunity that comes our way, we may need to evaluate our priorities. But part of the fullness of life is also God’s doing.’ When Life Is…

Link of the Week: Wisdom in the AI Age

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping our way of life. For Christians – and especially students – this raises a critical question: How should we engage with an increasingly AI-driven world? I fear that, generally, many choose to see AI as a novelty and not an agent for utterly changing how we live, work, and minister…