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Meet the Emmanuel Bristol Staff Team

“From Him (Christ) the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”  Ephesians 4:16

Every member of the body of Christ is called to play their part in the ministry and mission of the church.  So (in line with the pattern set out in Ephesians 4:12) we appoint staff across the Emmanuel Bristol family not to do all the ministry and mission themselves, but to use their time and gifts to equip and support the rest of the church family in its ministry and mission.

All of the staff team are members of one of our churches, most have ministry rooted in their local church, but serve in at least one area of ministry that reaches across the whole family of churches.


Mike Cain works 6 days a week as the pastor of Emmanuel Westbury and serves across the Emmanuel family of churches by taking responsibility for our shared preaching programme, church planting plans and the overall vision for our family of churches.


Sam Chapple is a member of the Emmanuel Westbury church family and serves across the Emmanuel family of churches for 28 hours a week  looking mainly at buildings management, health and safety and IT.


Joshua Cronin is a ministry assistant.  He works for Emmanuel Sunday-Friday, helping with student ministry at Emmanuel Westbury and serving across the Emmanuel family by helping with admin for Sundays. He also assists church members run the parents and toddler groups by preparing bacon butties for the monthly Blokes Toddlers get-together.


Hannah Edwards is a member of Emmanuel City Centre and works 3 days a week for the Emmanuel family of churches by co-ordinating administration across the churches and 2 days a week for Living Out as Personal Assistant to Ed Shaw.



Mike Harris works 6 days for Emmanuel City Centre as Assistant Pastor. Overseeing student ministry as well as preaching and encouraging the church family in evangelism.  



Jane Jewel is a member of Emmanuel City Centre and she works one day a week supporting the women at ECC in pastoral care.





Sian Lowry works one day a week as a Safeguarding Administrator ensuring we are administering safeguarding policies and procedures to keep all children and vulnerable adults safe in our church. She looks after a team of safeguarding volunteers managing DBS checks & renewals and co-ordinating & tracking safeguarding training.

Aimee Oleszuk works as a Ministry Assistant. She helps with student ministry at Emmanuel City Centre. She also serves the Junior Church ministry across the Emmanuel Churches by helping with related admin.



Ellie Maffett is rooted at Emmanuel Westbury where she is involved in enabling student ministry and in making disciples.  Across the family of churches she co-ordinates some of the more formal aspects of training (e.g. kick-starter issues evenings) and training the Ministry Assistants.


Kit Sheard works Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Emmanuel City Centre, with a particular focus on the student ministry.  She works with Mike Harris to support the student group leaders and helps to disciple female students at Emmanuel City Centre. During the rest of the week, Kit works from home as a Spanish translator and interpreter.


Simon Russell works one day a week for Living Out and the rest of his time as the director of operations for the Emmanuel Bristol family of churches.  He oversees the shared logistics of our increasingly complex life together.


Ed Shaw is the pastor of Emmanuel City Centre.  He works 4 days a week for Emmanuel and 2 days as the director of Living Out. Ed serves across the Emmanuel family of churches by taking responsibility for both small group leader and staff team training. He takes either Friday or Saturday as his day-off.


Nathan Sherwood is Assistant Pastor at Emmanuel Bishopston. His role there is to support the day to day ministry of the church, with a focus on music and helping people to read the Bible for themselves.



Chloe Shipway works as a ministry assistant. She helps primarily with the youth ministry at Emmanuel Westbury as well as their student ministry. She helps with admin for Sundays to serve across the Emmanuel churches.


Dan Taylor is a ministry assistant based at Emmanuel City Centre.  He helps with student ministry and serves the wider church family by helping with admin for Sundays (sorting out service sheets etc.) and helping in practical ways during the week.


Ian Taylor is the associate pastor of Emmanuel Westbury.  His role is to support the ministry to children and youth (at both Bishopston and Westbury) to help young families in their discipleship and evangelism. Ian’s day off is Saturday.


Jim Walford works 6 days a week as the pastor of Emmanuel Bishopston.  He serves across the Emmanuel family of churches by leading the way in training and encouraging us in evangelism and in overseeing the work of the Global Mission Team.

How does the staff team relate to the leadership structures of the church?

Each church within the Emmanuel Bristol family has a small team of Elders who provide local oversight and a larger Leadership Team. The Leadership Team is made up of members of the church who either lead a small group or head up another key area of ministry and works a bit like a church council.

Because we are a family of churches working together, representatives from each team of elders meet together to form the Steering Team.  The Steering Team gives direction to the whole Emmanuel Bristol family of churches – and is accountable to the Board of trustees and to the Bishop of Bristol. 

So the staff team is not itself part of our leadership structures.  It is simply a team of people who have been freed up for differing amounts of time to serve across the family of churches in a range of different ways.

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12