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The Telescope of Faith

‘When you have a telescope, you can look through the wrong end (which makes everything look much further away than it is). Or you can look through the right end, and the distance is compressed for a moment. Too many of us have the telescope of faith turned the wrong way round, and Christ looks further away. Too many of us are so fixated on this life, particularly on what’s not going well for us, with life’s disappointments. The telescope is turned the other way, and heaven just seems further away even than it does without it.
Song 5:1 makes us turn the telescope the right way around. Christ invites us to look at that day through the lens of this text and make it more real, more immediate. This text is intended to offer healing for our greyness and grumpiness. As we struggle in this life, we look through the telescope and we see the wedding feast, the perfect world and the glory that will be ours for all eternity. We see that we have not missed out on anything that matters because we are heading into the centre of the universe of all history to which marriage and sexuality point – and to which all singleness and unexpressed sexuality points to – the final climax of intimacy that will be ours in Christ.’
Julian HardymanJesus, Lover of My Soul, p.104.