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Good News for your Mental Health

We know the gospel is good news for every part of life, including our mental health. And yet when we’re struggling, simply ‘trying harder to believe’ often doesn’t help.  Emma and Glen Scrivener are having an online evening conversation, hosted by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC), and we can tune in!  They’ll be speaking from Scripture and from experience – for Emma, her experience of anxiety and anorexia.  Whether you’re in the midst of mental illness, or walking with someone who’s struggling, it looks to be a practical and hope-filled evening.  7pm, Monday 30th November.  Read from the event page below and book your spot here (optional contribution of £5).  It’s on zoom, available to churches across the country, with some time in breakout rooms of 5, which some will find really helpful but for others will be very daunting – Please feel free to come with a pseudonym (once you’ve been allowed in), on mute with your video off, and to not join any time in breakout rooms – that’s the best way to be an observer and would be far better than being put off by zoom.

From the LICC:

The UK is facing a mental health crisis. Every year a quarter of us will have mental health struggles of some kind. Even if you yourself aren’t tackling mental illness, you almost certainly know someone who is. How might the Bible’s message of hope meet this growing need?

The good news is that, through Jesus, God is making all things new – our minds as well as our bodies and our world. But when we’re in the midst of mental illness, it can feel hard to believe that truth. When we’re caring for a loved one who’s struggling, it can be tough to talk about it. And when we as the church see how others in our nation are hurting, it can be difficult to know how best to respond.

LICC is delighted to welcome Emma and Glen Scrivener for an evening of conversation around this very topic. Emma Scrivener has personal experience with mental health challenges – and how to walk through them. She draws on her experience with anxiety and anorexia in her blog and her two books, A New Name and A New Day, which explore how applying gospel truths to practical circumstances can help us recover from mental illness. Glenn is an evangelist often found speaking at churches and universities, producing online media, or writing books and other evangelism resources.

Glen and Emma’s ministry weaves together personal testimony, theological reflection, and cultural attentiveness in a way that is helping Christians and non-Christians alike to discover that the gospel really is good news for our mental health… and we don’t just have to ‘try harder to believe it’.

This evening will be an online talk with breakout discussion in small groups, with a mix of up-front content, discussion, and audience interaction throughout the evening.

This event includes informal discussion in breakout rooms of around 5 people.


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