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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

Emmanuel Bishopston hits the roads!

What has Emmanuel Bishopston been up to this summer? In one word: running!

At the start of July, the women of Emmanuel Bishopston, challenged the men of the church to run further than them in one month. This unleashed a flurry of activity and by the end of the month, 60 runners had run 3700km. Most importantly, the women beat the men by more than 350km!

When the competition ended on 31st July, 31 women ranging from 3-60 in age, had clocked up 2,000km whereas the men had only run 1,700km. The two teams included beginner runners and some more experienced runners, and together they smashed their initial target of running 1,227km to ‘virtually visit’ Leo, a student who is studying abroad in Germany. In the end, we managed to ‘reach’ the Clarks in Athens, 3,365km away.

The competition really galvanised the church and the rivalry between the men and women was remarkable! Quite a few of the women were part way through couch to 5k and this has been just the incentive they were looking for to keep going.

The running competition enabled people to go running in pairs and some of our teenagers and children got involved too. There have been lots of PBs and banter on the team Whatsapp groups and we reckon we must be the fittest church in the South West of England!

We are wondering how we can build on the success of the competition in future months – perhaps opening it to anyone who lives in the area? In the absence of Park Runs, this sort of virtual running competition could be the way forward. If anyone has any ideas of how we could extend the fun or broaden it to include Emmanuel Westbury and City Centre, let us know!