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Life in Lockdown for our Mission Partners: The Fosters in Chile

Luke and Mary Foster have been living in Chile since 2015. They spent four months in the UK on Home Assignment and returned to Chile in March, never imagining what their first few months back would entail.

Luke explains: “In many ways our life in Chile feels closer than it ever has done to life in the UK. Apart from one week in the middle of May, our area has been under strict lockdown. This means that we are only allowed out for a specific set of reasons for which we must download a permission slip from the police. We are so thankful for how much we can order online!”

How have your children Barney and Martha coped?

Barney and Martha have left the flat a handful of times since the middle of March. They have been relatively content and settled in the midst of it all and Mary has been working hard at keeping schooling going and also making the most of this opportunity to create special times for the family.

How about your church family – how are they being impacted by the pandemic?

We are conscious of how much more secure and stable our situation is in comparison to others in our church and wider community. Even in our small home group there are a number whose income stopped overnight, a lady whose husband had suspected C19 in the midst of cancer treatment, and a woman whose dad has just been diagnosed with cancer. In the midst of these

Hardships, it is precious to be able to meet together online and be reminded of the hope we have in Jesus – a hope for now and for the future.

How do you feel about the coming months?

Many see Latin America as the new focus of the C19 outbreak. As we move into winter, it feels like things are likely to get worse here before they get better. Please pray that we would know how to best accompany, encourage and provide practical support for those around us.

We are thankful for the way in which the ministry of CEP (the Anglican training college in Santiago) has been able to adapt to the new situation in which we find ourselves. All of our classes have moved online but we have needed to think carefully and creatively about how best to teach in this way. Many students feel the loss of the community that is such an important part of the ministry of CEP and for many, studying from home is a real challenge as they try to share small spaces with the other demands of family life.