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Votewise – recording and resources

If you missed Votewise on Monday, here is a recording of the first hour of the evening, and here are the slides that are mentioned.  We haven’t recorded the last past of the evening for the sake of the people who shared their involved with various parties, so when the recording ends without much outro, that’s why!  We ended the evening with prayer, and the Church of England prayer printed below.

Church of England Prayer for the 2019 General Election:
God of grace and truth,
send your Spirit to guide us
as we discover your will for our country.
Help us to discuss the issues before us
with courtesy, truth and mutual respect,
and grant that all who stand for parliament
will seek to serve the common good,
through him who came not to be served but to serve,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

For more resources:
The Electoral Calculus website
Resources from the Evangelical Alliance (which Emmanuel Bristol is part of)
Resources with a particular Christian perspective:  Christian Institute
Resources with a local angle:  The Bristol Cable
Resources for Christians in politics
Recommended book:  Andy Flanagan, Those who Show Up!