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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

Link of the Week: Psalms of Ascent Devotional

During the election campaign, we will be using some of these Psalms of Ascents to help guide our prayers. As our current political landscape prompts very different reactions in our churches, we can use these Psalms to pray for ourselves, our fellow believers, and for our country. These Psalms will also help us to ​fix our eyes on Jesus”, particularly as this election takes place in the run-up to Christmas. Finally, they will also remind us of the city we seek, ​without foundation, whose architect and builder is God” – even as we cast our votes in whatever city or constituency in which he has placed us. Please join us in prayer over the coming weeks!

Psalms of Ascent to pray