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#RenewYourMind – Work: its purpose, dignity and transformation

Join the staff team in reading Daniel Doriani’s recent book Work.  Then on Thursday 28th November, for the next #RenewYourMind session, Ed Shaw will host an evening for anyone up for chatting about the book.  Ed says “This is a book that challenges not just our reasons for work but also our ways of working – we’re been made to think a lot as we read it as a staff team and would love to extend the conversation to others”.  Here’s the blurb from the back:

“Work matters. Whether you’re teaching children in a preschool, operating a cash register at a fast-food restaurant, or performing complex surgeries in emergency situations—you have the power to change the world.

God knows the good you do when you serve him faithfully at work, even if you don’t see it yourself. The product of twenty years of thought, Work ennobles and motivates men and women in their labors.

 Providing historical background and inspiring stories of God-honoring workers, Daniel Doriani explains the Bible’s teaching on the nature, glory, misery, and eventual restoration of work. You will learn what it means to be faithful at work, even in risky places, and what steps you can take to transform your workplace and the world through the reformation of work.

Up for it?  Click here to buy your book from 10ofthose.

Sign up here to book a spot at book chat on the evening of Thursday 28th November (8-9.30pm in Horfield).  Even if you can’t make the evening to chat, please do read along with the staff team and everyone else, and sign up to find out who else is reading too.

If you need a lift, or can offer a lift, please mention in the comments as you sign up.