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What next??? Following on from ‘Talking about Mental Health’

Saturday morning’s mental health morning was an overwhelming reminder of how many of us this is a live issue for, both our own personal experiences and/or walking alongside others.  If an aim of the morning was ‘this is something we can talk about here’, the first impression for many of us, even before that, was ‘you are not alone’.

But what next?

The hope is that the morning would kick start our conversations about mental health – that we’d break any taboo in talking about it and have a language to start to articulate both our experiences and what the living God is speaking into our lives.  So the next step is to carry on those conversations.  That may be:

  • with your small group
  • with a friend you feel safe around
  • with a group over a drink
  • with those you pray with
  • with your small group leader
  • with an elder

Why not start with ‘did you go to the mental health morning?  How did you find it?’

If you have any thoughts as to other ways to keep talking and supporting one another in this area, please speak to your small group leader or an elder – they’d love to hear.

The resources recommended on the day can be found here (pdf, Talking about mental health Resources).  Particularly, one of the resources I’ve found most accessible and helpful is Emma Scrivener’s blog.  Emma has struggled on and off for much of her life with eating disorders and other mental health issues, and writes with honesty and beauty, tears and laughter, gospel-saturated challenge and gospel-saturated hope.  And, perhaps most importantly, she wonderfully shatters any lies that a Christian’s life must be neat and sorted.  Perhaps you or a friend would find it helpful too?

Having started the conversation, let’s all pull together to keep it going.


Coming up at Emmanuel:  Essential Guide to Autism
We’re arranging a training morning to equip church-family members to better understand, support and love those with autism. It’s happening on Saturday 4th May, 9:15am – 12:00pm at the Emmanuel Meeting House. Get in touch with Lucy ( if you have any more questions or sign up here.