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Wondering whether to come to ‘Talking about mental health’?

If you’re wondering what’s going to be going on in the ‘Talking about mental health’ morning next Saturday (30th), here’s a cheeky home video from Sarah who will be joining us for the main sessions and on the question panel.  She answers the questions:

  1. What first motivated you to help Christians think through mental health?
  2. What will we be talking about?
  3. Who will the morning be helpful for?
  4. Can I bring a non-Christian friend?
  5. What do you hope the result of the morning will be?

Be there.  Saturday 30th March 2019.  Sign up here:

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Saturday 30th March 2019
Location:  The Emmanuel Meeting House, Narrow Lewins Mead, BS1 2NN
9.15 arrive
9.30-10.45  Main Session
10.55-11.35  Question Panel and testimonies
11.45-1pm  Main Session (repeat of the earlier main session)

Top tips for the day:

  • The main session is repeated to help with childcare. Why not enjoy the city centre so that handover is easy, and one of you can get to the Question panel session?  Maybe team up with another family to help each other out with childcare too.
  • Come 5-15 minutes early to browse the resources and help ensure we start on time
  • Come with a mobile phone ready to text questions in
  • Sit with people you know (but still look out for those who look lost!)
  • If you know you might find the session tough, plan in a coffee with a friend, a beautiful walk or some time out for straight afterwards
  • Why not arrange to get together as a small group for brunch/lunch afterwards and keep the conversation going?

**If you need to book a parking space, or help getting there, please email and include which session(s) you’re coming for**

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