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Lent Course: Free in Christ: trust, joy and love in place of fear, guilt and anger

The Christian life is so often held up as a life of joy, of love and of trust.  Yet my life, our lives are so often stuck in guilt, in bitterness and anger, in fear.  And it can lead us to feel I’m missing out, I’m doing something wrong, or maybe I’m not even a Christian.  Yet my guilt is right, my anger is justified, my fear is reasonable!

This course comes from the conviction that, although we experience right guilt, anger and fear, our experiences shouldn’t stop there – we are united to Christ, and that changes everything.  In week one, with Nathan Sherwood, we’ll be relishing in the glorious reality of being ‘united to Christ’ and starting to see how that new identity works itself out in our lives to free us from fear, anger and guilt.  Then over the next three weeks, with Ellie Maffett, we’ll take one of those areas a week and work through turning fear into liberating trust, guilt into abundant joy and anger into grace-filled love.

It will be hands on, practical and personal.  You’ll need to come ready to share with one or two other people something personal each week – it doesn’t have to be your darkest secrets, but something honest and real.  And you’ll need to come ready to listen to them too!  It may be that one week seems particularly relevant, so feel free to come just to that one.  But in my experience, I have only realised how much I struggle with these areas when I’ve started thinking and talking about it (I remember reading a (brilliant) book about fear and worry, starting off thinking I don’t worry very much, and by the end realising just how much I live in fear!).  Perhaps you don’t think you struggle with anger, or guilt, but come along anyway – it will at least be helpful for a friend who you know does, and you might be surprised yourself too…


Week 1:  Drinking in our union with Christ                                      Thursday 14th March

Week 2:  Free from fear, free in Christ for liberating trust               Thursday 21st March

Week 3:  Free from guilt, free in Christ for abundant joy                 Thursday 28th March

Week 4:  Free from anger, free in Christ for grace-filled love          Thursday 4th April


7.45 for 8pm to 9.30pm, Redmaids’ Junior School Hall, Grange Court Road, BS9 4DP.  Sign up here.  If you would appreciate a lift or help getting there, please indicate on the form.

Near bus routes 1, 2, 888A, S6.  Bike racks through the main gate, parking available on the street around (please park sensibly out of respect for local residents).

Please note, if you are looking for ‘The Story of the King of kings’ Lent Course, I’m afraid we’ve had to cancel it for this year.