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Three Little Words – a Valentine’s day musing

We all love to hear someone say those Three Little Words to us, don’t we? They affirm us. We know we are cherished. We know where we stand with that person. We echo it.

And on this day especially, we expect to hear those Three Little Words.

“I love you.”

And as believers, we know that our Heavenly Father speaks those words over us. ‘God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’ Romans 5:8

When Jesus died on the cross He showed that love for us. But He uttered a different set of Three Little Words.

“It is finished.”

And with those words, His covenant of love is complete.

It is finished. His suffering is finished. The grip of sin is finished. The reign of evil is finished. The enemy is finished.

The penalty has gone. Death has been conquered. Death has been conquered? Death has been conquered!

God reigns. Life reigns. Freedom reigns. Love reigns.

We live in the light of those three words.

And we stand knowing that whatever comes our way will pass. Whatever life or the adversary throws at us will pass. For it is finished.

Know today that God speaks over you “I love you” and “It is finished”. And let’s echo it.