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Some questions to Ed ahead of the Sexuality Evening

Ahead of the Sexuality Evening on 18th October, I took the chance to ask Ed Shaw some questions – he’s pastor of Emmanuel City Centre and also works with an organisation called Living Out, and will be speaking for the evening.

EM:  Why an evening on sexuality this year?

ES:  Because it’s one of the most misunderstood and misused gifts that God has given humanity – and the confusion we all experience as a result has brought about so much pain. We see this in our wider world but we also experience it in our own daily lives. So we need to turn to the God who gave us our unique sexualities to discover what they’re actually for.

EM:  Will we just end up just talking about homosexuality?  

ES:  No, I do that enough already! The current debates over same-sex sexual relationships have so often stopped people discovering the bigger and better story of how God’s Word challenges us all about our sexualities – however we might self-define, or whatever boxes others might put us in. We’re going to zoom out – not focus in on same-sex attraction.

EM:  What do you hope the results of this evening will be?

ES:  Us getting excited about the good news on sexuality we have in God’s Word – for us, our families and our friends. We want to equip each other to better live with our own sexualities and better engage in conversations about sexuality in our communities today.

EM:  Is it just for those already signed up to the traditional Christian sexual ethic?

ES:  No! Our hope is that it will provide insight for the unconvinced – both Christian and non-Christian – that will help them see why God’s Word says what it says. There will – as ever – be a chance for people to ask anonymous questions.


Sexuality Evening:  Thursday 18th October, 7.45 for 8pm to 9.30pm, Emmanuel Meeting House BS1 2NN. 

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