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Hear what Tim Keller had to say to Teresa May, and all of us…

A few weeks ago pastor and author Tim Keller spoke at the 2018 National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, which was attended attended by the Prime Minister and several senior members of the government.

Reflecting on the event here John Stevens writes:

How can we best commend the gospel to the political and cultural elites in our post-Christian, secular, and progressive liberal contexts? This is a question evangelicals are facing in all Western countries, but especially in Western Europe.

Tim Keller recently provided a masterclass in gracious apologetics when he spoke at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in the Houses of Parliament in London. His address—“What Can Christianity Offer Our Society in the 21st Century?”—ought to be watched by pastors, lobbyists, and church members alike, as it will equip them with fresh arguments and models how to speak well of Christ.” 

You can watch the talk for yourself below, or read a transcript here