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‘JS Bach – St Matthew Passion’ Event

On Saturday 17 March we’re going to spend an evening taking a look at the music of Bach’s Matthew Passion and related fine art.

The Passion is a setting of Matthew’s Gospel chapters 26-27 which narrate the events of the first Good Friday. It is a stunning piece of music. Bach does his work brilliantly. I’m going to lift the lid on some of his technique by playing lots of examples to explain the sorts of things he does and why they’re so effective.

Here’s a link to the opening movement to whet your appetite:

It won’t be just me and it won’t be just music. We’ll pause at various points in the narrative and my co-presenter Stuart (an art historian from London) will put up fine art on the screen that depicts the scene we’ve reached. He’ll help us understand what we’re seeing, why our eyes are drawn to particular places on the canvas and what techniques the artist has used to focus our attention.

This is an evening for you and any of your friends who would enjoy a couple of hours listening to some very fine music and viewing some very fine art. You don’t need any musical or artistic training – just a pair of ears and a pair of eyes!

So join us at the Emmanuel Meeting House, Narrow Lewins Mead, Bristol at 7:30pm on Saturday 17 March. Wine and refreshments will be served in the interval. Tickets are £5 and available from the website here.