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Emmanuel Bristol is a family of churches working together to make more disciples, who will plant more churches, to show more people that Jesus is Lord.

Wondering about the summer? Come on a holiday with a purpose!

8589130578747-santorini-wallpaper-hd.jpgIn July, two summer teams made up of people from all over Europe (and hopefully a number of us from Emmanuel) will be gathering on the Greek island of Paros.  Based at a campsite right by the beach, we’ll be working as a team, as a community, to reach other holidayers on Paros with the very good news of Jesus Christ. We’ll be doing this over meals, on the campsite, during beach volleyball, in all sorts of activities on the beach, in cafes, in Bible studies, on excursions, in and around the beautiful town of Parikia and generally wherever and whenever we can.
This year, to make the most of the opportunities we’ve been finding in previous years, we’re planning two teams, with the second time being shorter and in school holiday to allow more workers and families with school-aged kids to join in – it’s not just for students!
Team Bible Study
An excellent opportunity to:
  • Get to know Jonathan and Dawn Clark, our mission partners out in Greece
  • Reach out to locals and holiday makers on the island of Paros
  • Grow personally as we reflect on God’s word personally and corporately, live alongside brothers and sisters and step out of our comfort zones in speaking of Jesus.
  • Get a taste of the church in Europe (including on week A we’ll go to the Clarks’ church’s Sunday gathering in Athens)
  • Get a taste of life as a missionary 

Ben Heasman and I are already signed up, and would love to take a team of both students and “grown-ups”/families, to support the Clarks and grow ourselves.  Details are below, but before that, here’s a taste from one year’s team journal:
“The bulk of the afternoon was again spent at the beach. We indulged in a game of volleyball, with abilities increasing rapidly, at one point resulting in a rally of 4 hits. We were literally on our way to performing at Olympic standards. At 6 in the evening, Chen, Ed and I met Morten and Jonathan at a local café to chat and look at Mark 2v1-12. There were some encouraging moments, but also some inevitable disagreements over the importance of Jesus’ claims. We ate dinner at the same restaurant in the evening and this time we were accompanied by two German girls from the camp. It was great to include them in our group and have the opportunity to be witnesses for Christ around the girls. After dinner, a group of the team went to town to chat to passers-by about Jesus and invite them to a Bible study. There were mixed reactions as anticipated but with a few agreeing to meet.”
Be there.
Team A: 9th to 23rd July, £250 + flights to Athens
Team B (which would love to welcome families too): 23rd to 31st July, £160 + flights to Athens

Email to find out any more details!