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Looking forward to Heaven: Restored Bodies!

I wouldn’t agree with everything the former Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright, says but I think he’s on the money here as he reflects on what Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 4 & 5.

‘What Paul is asking us to imagine is that there will be a new mode of physicality which stands in relation to our present body as our present body does to a ghost. It will be as much more real, more firmed up, more bodily, than our present body is more substantial, more touchable, than a disembodied spirit. We sometimes speak of someone who’s been very ill as being a ‘shadow of their former self.’ If Paul is right, a Christian in the present life is a mere shadow of his or her future self, the self they will be when the body which God has waiting in his heavenly storeroom is brought out, already made to measure, and put on over the present one – or over the self which will still exist after bodily death.’

Tom Wright, Surprised by Hope, p. 166.